Meet The Specialist 

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   Chelsea Carreira-Smith (also known as CC) passionate and humble makeup artist. Her love for makeup stems from her past and knowing how hard and cruel the world can be for anyone and everyone. Women, specifically, feel the need to maintain beauty standards that are not realistic. Carreira-Smith loves to lend a helping hand for all women and men alike to rediscover the beauty and confidence within them that they may have been forgotten.

Her moto is: "Makeup is not needed for the looks, but it may be needed for the soul." CC truly believes in the POWER of makeup. That confidence that you feel, leaving her chair was INSIDE of you the entire time! Just waiting to come out of hiding. Makeup reminds you of the strength you have inside and how powerful and fierce you can be, and that reminder rolls over into your day to day life, with or without makeup. 

Her aspirations have taken her across the board, touching a vast majority of styles in the makeup realm. She lives and breaths glam, beauty, and even SFX. She can take you from a blushing bride to the butchering bride in moments. She has an impressive resume, which is sure to please. (Go to the drop down bar to view resume.)

As stated above, CC first realized her skills in makeup during a hard patch in her life. That hard patch was being severely bullied growing up, and all through high school. Thanks to the bullying, she did find true love in makeup. She used her makeup tools as a mask. She thought, "Even if they say I am ugly, they don't REALLY know what I look like UNDER all this!"It was her forcefield. It PROTECTED her. As the years progressed she began to get more and more creative and edgy. She ventured into the depths of the beauty scene, learning techniques and tricks that enhanced her knowledge and furthered her desire to create. Her love for makeup did not stop there. The curiosity and thirst to create then turned towards face painting for Halloween..... which a year later lead to full blown transition into prosthetic pieces and latex face alterations.

She no longer uses makeup as a mask. Instead, it is a passion and a platform to transform the lives of those around her. She deeply believes that everyone is beautiful, and just needs to be reminded (as mentioned and explained above.)  She strives to make a difference with her love and talent for the art of makeup. 

She can take you on a journey to find the inner diva you have been craving to let loose with a few swift swipes of her magic wand (AKA brush). Her goal is to make your day and bring a smile to that freshly beaten face, but not only does she hope that you leave her chair smiling and in love with your look, she wants you to reconnect with that inner vixen and reclaim your self confidence and self esteem. Her main goal is to help you remember who strong, fierce, brave, beautiful and powerful you are. Seeing yourself with makeup on and having a fresh start to your day or event will remind you of the confidence, lying dormant within. 

Not only does Chelsea take her art/work seriously in order to have the most successful and flawless outcome, she also strives to make your environment (as her client) welcoming. She has a very friendly and outgoing personality that is sure to comfort and charm you. Each makeup session/lesson comes with free entertainment! She has gotten smiles out of some of the most shy people.

 She calls her personal bubble the "judgement free zone." So be who you are. She will welcome you with open arms and some glitter!!

Free entertainment with every appointment! (CC is the entertainment!)