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   Hi my name is Chelsea Carreira (also known as CC). I am owner and artist/specialist of CCBeautymark. I established my business in 2011, right after graduating high school, where I worked freelancing odd jobs until my business took off. I am fueled by my utter passion in both my makeup artistry and esthetic work. My love for makeup stems from my past. My past taught me how hard and cruel the world can be for anyone and everyone. Women, specifically, feel the need to maintain beauty standards that are not realistic. I love to lend a helping hand for all women and men alike to rediscover the beauty and confidence within them that they may have been forgotten.

My moto is: "Makeup is not needed for looks, but it may be needed for the soul." I truly believe in the POWER of makeup and an amazing skincare routine. That confidence that you feel, leaving my chair was INSIDE of you the entire time! Just waiting to come out of hiding! Makeup and healthy skin allows you to stand tall with confidence. It reminds you of the strength you have inside of yourself and how powerful and fierce you can be, and that reminder rolls over into your day to day life, with or without makeup.

My aspirations have taken me across the board, touching a vast majority of styles in the makeup realm. I live and breath glam, beauty, and even SFX makeup styles. I then got lead into the world of skincare in 2018 and from then on, I began mastering my facial/body treatments. Because, a flawless makeup application starts with a healthy base!

I used to use makeup as a mask from being bullied. I no longer use makeup as a mask. Instead, it is a passion and a platform to transform the lives of those around me. I deeply believe that everyone is beautiful, and just needs to be reminded from time to time. I strive to make a difference with my love and talent for the art of makeup and the ability to give your skin the TLC it deserves. 

I hope that whenever you leave my studio or chair, that you feel all the confidence that has been lying dormant within you. Along with this hope, I can guarantee a fun time with me as we work together to achieve your makeup and skin goals! I like to think that I am pretty funny. Some may call me a full time esthetician part time comedian? (And by some, I mean myself.) I work hard on maintaining a positive, uplifting, fun and judgement free zone where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin. Come to me as you are, and let me love ya!

I invite you to step into my world, it is full of leopard print, laughs and so much love and allow me to take you on a journey to find the inner diva you have been craving to let loose. She/he is safe with me! 


Free entertainment with every appointment!

To see Resume click here. 

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