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Letters of Recommendation

Chelsea has been my makeup artist on two short films that I produced and directed.  Her customary work is beauty makeup, making people look good and attractive for the camera. In this case it was to make dead people look…well, dead. Not zombie rotting dead but shallow complexions and lifeless skin. Just enough to make the audience question what’s wrong with this person but not enough to give away the fact that this character is dead. She achieved this beautifully. She does her job extremely well and is a pleasure to work with. Would I hire her again?  Absolutely. She’s an A+ when it comes to crew.

— David R. Hardberger



I was initially impressed with Chelsea’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor on the very first film we worked together on. I have found my time working as an Assistant Director that personality, work ethic and ability are the key to having an amazing crew on any film set. Since the first film, and on four since Chelsea has ben nothing but professional and proved to have the personality to mesh well with cast and crew, have the work ethic to constantly be on top on any make up needs, and ability is never lacked. Always working with the director to create the desired looks. Chelsea is reliable, dedicated and upbeat. Her ability to put the actor/s at ease as she applies make up is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence and over all talent that I repeatedly asked her placement on multiple films I’ve be affiliated with and would never hesitate to recommend her for employment. If you have the opportunity to employ Chelsea, I suggest you do so. Your project will be the better for it.

— Sincerely,
Sean Willams

Wait For Me Media

Based on a friend’s recommendation, I called Chelsea to work as both hairstylist and make up artist for our annual headshot sessions at the acting studio, Actor’s Edge. Over the course of four days, Chelsea did make up and styled hair for about 50 different actors of all ages, hair types and complexions.  It was a challenging assignment and I was very impressed with chelsea throughout our shoot! She’s very talented and not only made each actor happy with how they looked, she also made them look great on camera. I appreciated her attention to detail as a single out of place hair or wrinkle in a shirt can ruin a whole series of pictures. Chelsea worked quickly while always maintaining a positive attitude and a stress free  environment. She was even able to help put several nervous actors at ease with her naturally affable personality, and helped bring out natural smiles from them during our shoot. She came fully equipped with comprehensive hair and makeup kit. Chelsea is experienced, talented, well equipped, and fun to work with. What more could you ask for?!

 Aaron Metchik

Founder / Head Instructor

Actor’s Edge

After having worked with Chelsea Carreira-Smith for over two years as a pro makeup artist in our photography studio, I can say without out doubt that Chelsea's value to our business goes way beyond her capabilities as an enthusiastic and capable makeup artist.

Her talent with makeup is undeniable. She is able to create any look desired from almost imperceptible fresh natural look to an authentic vintage look to fx creations and everything in between. She is a complete professional – her kit is complete and clean, she keeps up on current makeup trends, she practices her craft regularly. She is timely – showing up on time and completing the job on time. But she is also a fun, bubbly, approachable young woman who has an innate ability to set our clients at ease. This is very valuable to our studio as we photograph many women, young and old, who might be a bit shy about their photo shoot. Chelsea sets the stage for how fun it can be and helps our clients relax and enjoy the entire experience. I would recommend Chelsea as a makeup artist for any project. But more importantly, I will always welcome her in my business and my life because she's a good person.

— Very sincerely,

Lynn Parks

Mindseye Studio

The Vixen Den – Photography for Women

For over the past few years, Chelsea has created magic for me with her knowledge of “on camera" makeup application for my clients!  My clients begin as beautiful women from the start, and Chelsea uses techniques to enhance that beauty very artfully and skillfully. Before our sessions begin, Chelsea has conversation with my clients to see their vision of the look they would like to achieve; which I think makes them feel very apart of the creative process.  Last, I would recommend Chelsea for any type of wedding group or large party situation because she works quickly and the results are still spectacular.

— Darlene Herren

Portrait Artist/Photographer

I had the pleasure of having my makeup and hair done by Chelsea on [the] film set [Ballroom 2023]. She is a talented artist and an incredible person to work with. I watched her do makeup from extremely natural to special fx-- and they were all done flawlessly. She's got the skills and the best energy. I will recommend her to anyone looking for a professional MUA!

— Mia Schaikewitz


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