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Professional Experienc 

Work History

CCBeautymark (Makeup Artistry) - Owner & Professional Master Makeup Artist/Makeup Instructor 

January 2011 - Current

Beginning her journey in 2011, right out of high school Chelsea began freelancing in the makeup community. She started with small events and high school dances/graduations and graduated herself to larger events such as weddings, photoshoots and films. CC has extensive knowledge in camera/film lighting and its effects on makeup, as well as understanding each individual clients skin type. She ventured into SFX (special effects) makeup in early 2015 and has sense been performing these techniques on her clients. Chelsea usually hands makes all of her prosthetics and appliances for herself and her clients. She has since become certified and licensed and is able to maintain her professional specialist status. All of the products she uses in her beauty and FX kit are high quality professional grade. She has an extensive case that is sure to have everything needed for every skin type and tone. Proper sanitation is important. Chelsea takes your health and safety very seriously and guarantees a clean application to each face. She follows proper guidelines for cleaning and sanitation. 

CCBeautymark (Aesthetics) - Owner & Master Makeup Artist/Licensed Skincare Specialist 

October 2018 - Current

Chelsea began working immediately after receiving her estheticians license and CA business license. She began as a traveling Makeup artist and Esthetician before finding the perfect studio space. She opened her doors early November 2019. She has since performed hundreds of services with each client leaving confident and happy. CCBeautymark owner, Chelsea prides herself in cleanliness, sanitation, a broad spectrum of fulfilling services, skills, talent and knowledge. Chelsea/CCBeautymark offers a variety of services. A Plethora of different facial options, facial and body waxing services, makeup application for all occasions and more. (More services coming soon!) 

CCBeautymark Cosmetics - Owner 

April 2018 - Current

Chelsea began her journey into creating high quality cosmetics and lashes in the early part of 2018. By April, she had an official brand and business license. She came out with her very own eyelash line in December 2018 and is currently working on getting the actual cosmetics portion perfected before releasing her first product. 

Ballroom - Key Makeup Artist 

January 2023 - March 2023

(In post currently)

Chelsea worked in Hollywood on the set of the upcoming feature film Ballroom (set hours were sometimes 12+ hrs a day). She was the key MUA and hairstylist. Daily she worked alone working on everyone on cast. The final day of filming Chelsea was in charge of one assistant makeup artist to help out and had to make sure the makeup artist knew exactly what was asked and desired for each character she had to work on. Her main priorities were the leads. This film is an inclusive film based around a woman who had to find the love for not only herself, but dancing again after she was left in a wheelchair with no mobility from the waste down after a bad car accident. IMDb will be shared as soon as film is out of editing and information is posted.

Vai Atletica Brand Photoshoot - Key Makeup Artist

September 2019

Chelsea was the key makeup artist on the set for the up and coming athletic brand designed for the average real life woman, Vai Athletica. She managed to complete over 7 camera ready makeup looks in just a couple hours and stayed on set for portion of the shoot for touchups.

Rosalind Film by David R. Hardberger — Key Makeup Artist / Hair stylist

June 2017

David R. Hardberger, who worked on the famous Star Wars trilogies and Lord of the Rings asked Chelsea to be the key makeup artist on set for his upcoming film. She worked long 12-13 hour days back to back in order to complete her job. She can be found listed on the films IMDb as key makeup artist on set. Rosalind has won several awards in several areas. The film is set to premier in 2019. View the IMDb by clicking HERE

Love Outbreak by Sean Williams — Lead Makeup Artist

March 2020

The pandemic put a damper on the film industry. However Sean Williams took a very unique route to filmg and did a shelter in place film style where most of the filming was taken in the comfort of the actors own homes! Chelsea overseen makeup on video chats and updated images for continuity throughout the filming. It was a very unique experience. The IMDb can be viewed by clicking HERE

Actors Edge by Aaron Metchik — Lead Makeup Artist

July 2018 & July 2019

Actors Edge is an acting school, with an extremely high success rate, for up and coming actors and actresses. CC was hired on by Aaron Metchik, who many may know from the Babysitters Club, Trading Mom, one of voice actors on Disney's classic Hercules, to stylize makeup and hair for proper headshots. She worked on set long hours and multiple days. There was only 7-10 minutes per actor to get them camera ready. 

MURAD Skin Care, Los Angeles, CA — Onsite Makeup Artist

May 2014

Chelsea was the onsite makeup artist for the MURAD Skin Care’s latest training video. 10 hour day, one lunch break. Constant touch ups after completion of each scene due to hot lighting to keep oil and shine down from sweat. Natural makeup was required for an everyday look. 

Scarecrow Vampire Fangs Co., CA — Makeup Artist/Artistic Coordinator  

September 2017

Scarecrow Vampire Fangs is one of the largest suppliers of faux fangs for the movie & TV industry. CC was hired on to complete the looks for each employee of the main office, owners and models hired to model the fangs for their 25 year anniversary catalog. It was a very long day and Chelsea had to work on a time crunch. 

Herman Story Winery — Annual Company Photoshoot Makeup Artist


Chelsea performed Intense character makeup on 7 employees for the companies annual photoshoot. The photos are set to be delivered to brand partners by summer 2022.


Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear — Annual HGS Photoshoot Makeup Artist


Chelsea first worked on set of Krista Smith's HGS photoshoot in 2021, working on some very extensive and creative looks, requiring skill, product knowledge and patience. Each look was intricate and had it's own fine detail touches to make each model unique. Her hard work led her to be brought back in 2022 to help out again with makeup on a hand full of models. Images were used for web/in store marketing.

Ashley Rae Studio Photography Bridal Collab — Makeup Artist


Chelsea got to work on a model for a industry collab for a mock wedding/bridal shoot hosted by photographer Ashley Rae. It was a dune style shoot with a classic bridal vibe with a modern twist. 

Black Water SLO — Brand Photoshoot Makeup Artist


Chelsea was hired by owner of Black Water in San Luis Obispo for a stylized Halloween themed photoshoot for a new dress the store got in. It was a cute clown inspired look photographed by Alexandra Wallace a San Luis Obispo fashion, wedding and editorial photographer. 

Biohazard Photoshoot — Makeup Artist, Coordinator, Talent Scout, Stylist, & More


Chelsea put together a huge collaboration with 9 models and two photographers, Sara Dechance of Kiss My Aperture and Adam of Mooncrest Media. Chelsea was in charge of planning, coordinating, finding models, costume design, hair management and did all the makeup for the entire group. Chelsea and Marissa Ribeiro who was the photoshoot shopper and in charge of props, hand painted and designed costumes. This was another large production that started at 8am and completed at 10pm. 

Freak Show Photoshoot — Makeup Artist, Coordinator, Talent Scout, Stylist, Prop Department & More

October 2021

Chelsea put together a huge collaboration with 10 models and two photographers, Sara Dechance of Kiss My Aperture and Adam of Mooncrest Media. Chelsea was in charge of planning, coordinating, finding models, costume design, hair management,  coordinating props and did all the makeup for the entire group. Live snakes were also brought in with their handler, Josh Brown of Outer Snakes Breeding. This was a huge production that started at 4am and completed at 10pm. 

Vintage Boho Bags — Brand Photoshoot Makeup Artist


Chelsea was hired on to do the makeup for all the models along with the owner of Vintage Boho Bags for their 2021 summer sale photoshoot. Images were used for web marketing and more. Vintage boho bags is owned by a San Luis Obispo local who specialized in repairing and revamping Louis Vuitton handbags. Her company has become a huge success and she now has over 280K followers on her instagram and travels the world doing what she loves.

Celebrations by Julia Events Bridal Colla— On Set Makeup Artist


Chelsea got to work along side numerous talented artists and wedding vendors in the San Luis Obispo area on a mock wedding day photoshoot. She was able to work with MDL Events, Wirth Photography, Moon Crest Media, Celebrations by Julia, Alana R Events, Somewhere Studio Photography, Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear and more. Chelsea part was to get the bride all dolled up with makeup and hairstyling. 

Motion City Films & JLest Photography Bridal Collab — On Set Makeup Artist


Chelsea got to work along side Motion City Films, JLest Photography and female body building champion and Bombshell Sportswear model Lauralie Chapados. My job was to make Lauralie look bridal beautiful with some wedding day glam.

Vai Atheltica Interview — Guest for Heidi's followers

2020 & 2021

Chelsea got to guest star on Heidi's live videos and get interviewed about her business, personal goals for her business and what got her where she is now. 

Goddess Collection Lashes — Artist Collaboration


CC was asked on two separate occasions to partner up with Goddess Collection Lashes to collaborate on a pair of lashes that she helped to create. Her first pair, Pandora, sold out in the first 24 hours and had two separate releases. She came out with her second pair with Goddess a few months later named Charizma. 

Charlie Mcneal & Mcneal Family for Hollywood Day Parade, Los Angeles, CA — Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist 

November 2017

Charlie Mcneal is a very talented up and coming country singing artist. He performed on the main stage at the Hollywood Parade. He walked the red carpet with his sister, who helped him write a few of his songs. CC did makeup for him, his mother and his sister.

Mindseye Photography Studio, Oceano, CA — Lead Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

November 2015 - November 2017

CC was the lead on call makeup artist on set of all photoshoots for Mindseye Photography. The shoots would range from simple senior portraits, bridal photography, character photography, editorials, local ads, headshots to boudoir and sensual. CC would get informed a few days before a shoot would be taking place. She would arrive early to perform her duties, and stay on set as long as needed. Chelsea stopped working with Lynn & Scott (owners) because they moved out of state. 

The Vixen Den Photography Studio, Oceano, CA — Lead Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

November 2015 - November 2017

The Vixen Den was under the umbrella of Mindseye Studio. It was a branch that was for women empowerment. These shoots usually featured boudoir photos. CC was expected to complete the same quality of work and meet the same expectations as her duties at Mindseye Studio. 

Darlene Photography, Grover Beach, CA — On Call Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

March 2016 - Current

Chelsea is the on call makeup artist for Darlene. Expectations align with Mindseye Studio/The Vixen Den. 

Sephora, San Luis Obispo, CA — Beauty Advisor

February 2015 - December 2015

Chelsea was expected to achieve sales goals using product/application process knowledge. She needed to be up to date with current beauty trends and popular products. 

Victoria Medina Fashion & Photography, San Luis Obispo, CA — Editorial Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist.

March 2015 - Current

CC was expected to execute precise looks for models in a timely fashion for editorial style shots for Victoria Medina's online fashion store.

LimeLife by Alcone — Beauty Guide

August 2018 - Current

Chelsea became a Limelife Beauty guide to provide great products for her clients who love some of the skin care sheofferes in her kit. Upon requests for products, she decided to become a Beauty Guide and give her clients good products when they wanted them!

Lipsense — Representative 

August 2018 - Current

CC Became a Lipsense Rep. at the same time she went with Limelife. Her clients (primarily brides) loved the stay and no stray lip colors that lasted all day. Upon requests of purchase, she decided to become a representative to give her clients who they wanted! 

Mary Kay, CA — Beauty Advisor

November 2012 - June 2013

CC held Mary Kay parties, taught lessons, trained other beauty advisors and clients on product knowledge and application, took/placed orders. This was a good  step in the right direction for her beauty career. Direct selling was not her ultimate goal and did not continue on with Mary Kay. She much preferred her freelancing & artistry career. 

Lirio Boutique, San Luis Obispo, CA — Lead Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

March 2016

CC was the lead makeup artist and creative makeup director on set of an editorial fashion and accessory shoot for Lirio online Boutique.

Positively Beautiful, San Luis/Santa Barbara Counties, CA — Lead Makeup Artist, Project Coordinator, Creative Director, Speaker

August 2017

CC partnered with a local up and coming fashion line that is working towards stopping sexual abuse donating 10% of her profits to P.A.V.E and CC donated 10% of her profits to the Trevor Project. The company owner of, The Positive Co. and CC worked on a giant project. The project requires public speaking at a large event that was held to raise awareness for sexual abuse and bullying and suicide prevention. They put together all marketing materials and also filmed their own mini documentary showcasing all the different types of people affected by sexual abuse and bullying. The video can be viewed on CCBeautymark's youtube channel by searching: CCBeautymark. They made a small bit of profit which they donated to our charities of choice. CC dedicated her donations to The Trevor Project and my partner in this project, Laken Nelson, of The Positive Co. dedicated her donation to P.A.V.E.


Central Coast Entrepreneurs With Arnold Vazques - Podcast Interview 

March 2022

Chelsea was invited onto Arnold's podcast, Central Cost Entrepreneurs, to discuss CCBeautymark and all the the key components it took to build her empire. The podcast can be heard on Spotify, google play, apple podcasts and more. The podcast is about an hour long. Chelsea dives deep to discuss where her drive, motivation and passion stems from. Listen by clicking HERE

Shoutout LA Interview

April 2023

Chelsea was nominated for an online interview with Shoutout LA. Where she was asked in-depth questions about her career and where she started. You can read this article by clicking HERE

Voyage LA Interview

April 2023

Following her Shoutout LA interview, Chelsea was contacted by a member of the Voyage LA agency and was asked to conduct a more personal interview. Chelsea was asked more personal questions that tie into her work now. To read the article please click HERE

CanvasRebel Interview

December 2023

CanvasRebel did a more personalized interview on Chelsea as a person and how her personality helped get her where she is today! To read the alick HERE

Professional Education


Institute of Makeup Artistry - Online course 

Graduation date / December 2018 

Certificates / Health & safety certification, professional makeup artist, professional SFX artist.

Design School of Cosmetology - 600 hrs in person theory and hands on practice

Graduation date / April 3rd 2019

Completed 600 hours of in person theory and hands on training to obtain degree in Esthetics. This extensive training was to prepare students for the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology of CA exam to receive your estheticians license. Licensing allows you to perform various facial treatments, makeup application, hair removal from body and face, and much more. Estheticians must be knowledgable in health and safety, disease prevention and infection control, cleanliness, sanitation and sterilization, skin disorders/conditions, corrective makeup, hair removal, level 1 trichology, advanced study of the integumentary system, facial bone anatomy, the lymphatic system, and so much more. 

Seminars,Trainings, Certifications & More

Barbicide Certification Course - Online

Advanced sanitation, infection control and prevention

Advanced training in proper sanitation and disinfectant practices to help reduce and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 

Barbicide COVID-19 Certification Course - Online

Advanced sanitation, infection control and prevention for COVID-19

Advanced training in proper sanitation and disinfectant practices to help reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Aesthetics International — Camarillo, CA

Advanced esthetics training and certification courses.

Certified training facility and product manufacturing lab. Chelsea completed and received certificates in the following areas of study:

-Lymphatic Drainage of the Face

-Treating Rosacea and Acne Rosacea 

-Paul Scerri- Aromatherapy Facials 

-Understanding and treating hyperpigmentation 

-Skin Disorders and Analysis

-Chemical Peel

Spa Girl  Paso Robles, CA / Online Continuation 

Advanced training and theory by Kerrie La Bianco

Spa Girl is owned by Kerrie La Blanco who holds training courses on anatomy, chemical peels and their own dermabrasion system. Spa Girl Manufactures their own PowerDerm system and skin care products Chelsea received certificates for the following areas of study:

-Epidermal Anatomy and Physiology

-Alpha-Hydroxy Acid and Chemical Peel

-PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion System

-Professional Skin Care Consultant 

LK Photos Award — Makeup Artist for Award Winning Image at Photography Conference

January 2022

Kiris, wonder of LK Photos won an award for an image we collaborated on. It was inspired by a Summer issue of Vogue, Spain. 

Brontide Beauty - Paso Robles, CA

Advanced wax training and theory with Roschel Anderson-Wynn

Advanced training and theory in hair growth, hair patterns, and hair removal using Berodin hard and soft wax. Speed waxing techniques and technical training performed by owner of Brontide Beauty, Roschel Anderson-Wynn.

NIKI METZZ — Ventura, CA

Celebrity makeup artist

Niki has been a celebrity makeup artist for over 20 years and brought Chelsea on set to assist her during a branding video in Hollywood. Chelsea learned a lot during this particular mentorshi.

Mary Kay Luis Casco Seminar  Santa Marian, CA

Lead makeup artist on Project Runway

Four hour seminar with Project Runway makeup artist Luis Casco. He taught his personal tips, tricks and answered questions and did live demos.


Dermaflage Live Seminar  Los Angeles, CA

Brand Training 

Four hour seminar with Project Runway makeup artist Luis Casco. He taught his personal tips, tricks and answered questions and did live demos.

Caudalie Private Training with Megan Dugan  Los Angeles, CA

Brand Training

One on one training of Caudalie products and history with Megan Dugan, now owner of Lemonhead Glitter (as seen on celebrities such as Beyonce.) 

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