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Why CCBeautymark?

To say YES to CCBeautymark! 

Here at CCBeautymark we strive to make your experience with us a core memory. We want you to look back on your big day and not only remember the flowers, the stunning dress, the big kiss (though those are the most important parts!) We also want you to remember how fun and entertaining your glam squad was, how attentive they were to your needs and how they guided you towards the best look to make you feel your most beautiful on the most important day of your life! We want you to look back and remember laughing with the CCBeautymark team, and having the ultimate girl time pre-party before the big "I do"! We want you to look back and remember how at ease you felt as you got your makeup done and your hair curled. Here at CCBeautymark, we are all about three things, our brides comfort, our brides happiness and ultimately having our brides having a BLAST! Not to mention we arrive in matching cute uniforms... with leopard print accents! Of course! 

Please continue reading on to learn more about your new bridal beauty dream team!


What sets CCBeautymark apart from other glam squads? 

CCBeautymark was nourished and developed right here on the central coast by Chelsea Carreira. As the owner, I am proud to have found several talented makeup and hair artists to accompany me. What makes us different is that we are truly there not just to do a singular job, but also make you laugh. We love to dance around, sing to the music playing, tell stories, listen to your stories and ultimately build a true and genuine friendship with you! We deeply love what we do. Our passion runs deep and we work continuously and consistently on making sure that our services provided are top tier and entertaining!

We also offer celebrity status treatment! What does that mean exactly? Exactly what it says. While you are in our chair(s) you will be pampered and treated just like a mini Kardashian (or whatever celebrity you wish to be pampered as). You will receive both hair and makeup styling simultaneously. This ensures not only that you will be done timely and efficiently but also that you will receive your service(s) in the most relaxing and fun state and not rushed from chair to chair!

This exclusive treatment is extended to all memebers of the bridal party, friends and family who book with CCBeautymark for the big day! 

With that being said, YES! We do also offer full service packages for the bridal party, friends and family. Chelsea takes the time to put together a detailed timeline that makes your morning preparations easy peasy. No rushing around in confusion. No fighting over who goes next. No worrying about if things are happening on time! We got you! You and your bridal party, friends and family will be in good hands and will each receive celebrity treatment by one/two of the talented CCBeautymark girls. All you guys have to do is show up, grab a mimosa and get dolled up.!

The celeb treatment ain't just for the girls anymore either. The CCBeautymark glam squad has officially expanded with a full male barbering team! The groom, groomsmen and "the boys" can now be pampered and get "beautified" on site the day of wedding as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long has CCBeautymark been in business? 

CCBeautymark has been in business since 2011. 

How many teammates are part of the CCBeautymark Glam Squad? 

Currently, CCBeautymark has two master stylists, one for makeup and one for hair, two senior stylists and two junior stylists. Ranking is based solely on their time being part of CCBeautymark and not their skill set. 

We are hoping to expand our team in the coming year.

Each member has a minimum of 10 years experience in the beauty industry. 

How Soon should I book my date with CCBeautymark? 

The short answer is, ASAP! However, I do my best to accommodate all bookings to the best of my availability as well as the teams availability. 

Does CCBeautymark provide training to the glam squad? 

Yes, I, Chelsea offer one on one training with each of my glam squad ladies to ensure they meet the high standards and expectations I have set for my establishment and brand. You will receive top of the line treatment with any member of the team. Also please note that all members of the CCBeautymark team are licensed by the California State Board of Cosmetology .

Every member is a trained and licensed professional. 

Who will be coming to do my hair and makeup? 

Typically, you will almost always have Chelsea as your lead makeup artist (brides MUA) and Marissa as the lead hair artist (Brides Hair gal). Team members are added on as group of bridal party, friends and family receiving services grows. The more the merrier! This is very important to note* if you wish to have a specific artist on site for your day, please book ASAP so we can ensure that you are able to work with the artist of your choosing! Chelsea (me!) books up first before booking out the team members, as I want to be physically present for as many of my brides as possible! I can only do this with early bookings! Don't hesitate to book early! Current work shown on website is Chelsea or Chelsea and Marissa's work. For a small wedding, sometimes Chelsea (me!!!) comes solo to do both makeup and hair! I am working vigorously on getting more work from my girls posted on my site, but their work is currently available by request, should you not be able to book ME directly. 

What are some tips you would give to brides before their big day?

Book your beauty team early! Treat it as all your other vendors! We book up fast as well, and having people who know what they are doing with your face and hair for such an important day is just as important as the day itself! You want to feel your absolute best! So, hire the best! AND DO IT EARLY!

Drink loads of water!! Hydration is key for smooth, flawless skin... smooth flawless skin is key to a flawless makeup application! 

Do not get wasted the night before! I know! I know! You want to party! However, you also will want your beauty sleep so your skin and hair looks its best! 

Get REAL sleep. Put the phone down, stop trying to perfect everything at midnight. What will be will be and that is all there is to it! Sleep is your best friend! Rely on her! 

Clean skin and clean hair before your appointment (but no WET hair!) is also a key element in having the most bombshell look! 

Take your makeup and hair artists advice! If we recommend something you should be doing, please, please listen to us! We are here to help! We've been doin' this for a while! Trust us! 

Have a good skincare routine MONTHS before your wedding and stick to it religiously. 

Get regular facials, Chelsea is a licensed esthetician and offers amazing facials. I even offer special promotions for my brides on facials! Let's chat. 

Do you offer Groomsmen services? 

CCBeautymark has officially expanded and has added on a barbering team for the bros!  CCBromark, if you will. Some of he services that will be offered include, hair cuts/cleanups & styling, brow clean up, beard trimming, hot towels/mini facials & more! Please contact me for more information! We are ecstatic to have some boys on the team to balance out the female energy! HAHA! 

What are the booking policies for brides? 

Please visit the policy page by clicking here.

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